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Guacamole Recipes

Your Guide to Making Every Guacamole Recipe

The internet is, literally, littered with guacamole recipes. Every person who has a vague connection with food will take the time to share their perfect guacamole recipe. This is because guacamole is easy to make, healthy, delicious, and everything in between.

While I will be sharing my preferred guacamole recipe, I want to present guacamole as an entire category of recipes on its own. Think of this post as a methodology rather than a distinct recipe on it own.​

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Cheat Meal Strategies

15 Strategies to Maximise the Benefit & Joy From Cheat Meals

"I went for a run today, I deserve a piece of cake"

"I went to the class at the gym, I'm going to enjoy this roast dinner"

Thoughts like these and others run through our minds all the time. We feel we should be rewarded for our good deeds to ourselves.

The real question is: "Should we?"

The truth is that we all enjoy rewarding ourselves. We're often tempted to reward ourselves for the smallest of achievements. That isn't particularly bad, it can get so however.

When I first started exercising, I figured that I'm exercising now so I'm going to need to be eating more. So I ate more, and every so often (and it was often) I would go for a "cheat meal" or a "weekend off". unsurprisingly however,​ I did not lose any weight.

Little did I know that over-cheating can be a huge detractor from results.​

In the article below, I look at the science behind cheat meals, what considerations you need when designing your cheating, and strategies to minimize damage and help you enjoy a guilt free cheat.​

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