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Reward Yourself with The Star Studded Reward System (2)

Why You Should Plan Your Rewards with The Star Studded Reward System

We all know the importance of goal setting in any health journey. Without them we quickly forget what we wanted and how we are going to reach it. The often ignored, but still just as important aspect is rewards. In the article below, we explain why planning your rewards is just as effective as a motivational tool as goal setting. 

I also teach you my system for rewards "The Star Studded Reward System" which helps you plan, structure, and deliver your rewards in such a way that help you achieve your maximum potential.

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Self Awareness

Planning for Success: Self Awareness and How Understanding What Makes you Tick Can Help you Get Past Failures and Plan for Sucess

Self Awareness

Think of the last time you "fell off the health wagon"

How much do you remember about how you felt in the seconds before and in the moments  after?

Everyone experiences moments like these. It's how you react and learn from them that sets you apart from the herd.‚Äč

What Have you decided to change so that next time you have a better chance at succeeding?

Self awareness can help you answer these questions. these questions are just examples of the type of questions that would occur to someone who has the self awareness to understand themselves and use failures to learn enough about themselves to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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