Write for Us/ Guest Posting


Here at the Fitness Almanac we are aiming to build a community of people who are passionate and share the same values and objectives as we do. ​

To that end, we are happy to accept submission for guest posting and any other medium you'd like to ​submit.

What to Submit

Feel free to submit Rough draft, pitch, or topic. It can be as thorough or as simple as you like. If we like your idea we can move forward.

What We Want Your Submission To Be

​Original, Interesting, Uniquely Voiced Article

Your article has to be 100% original and only present on the Fitness Almanac (Will be checked). Take the time to think about how you are going to present your idea.  Make sure the idea is interesting and the angle you write about it is interesting. Boring articles are likely to not get published.

At Least 1500 Words

This one if fairly clear. Articles should be around the 1500 word mark.

A Great Title

Your title has to be engaging and well thought out. Note the difference between engaging and click bait.

​Well Researched, Accurate and Fact Checked

​The fitness niche is plagued with people who peddle their own idea for their own selfish means. Here at the Almanac we try and make everything we publish is true, backed by scientific research or authority sites. So make sure do your research well

​Well Referenced and Linked

Following up with the theme of research. Make sure your article links back to those references that you made. This is to add authenticity to the information presented.  Remember to keep the number and location of the links natural and high quality. No link Spam. You may link back to your site where appropriate

​High Quality, License Free Photos

​The photos you provide for your article have to be of high quality and free of any licensing that prevents it from being published on the Fitness Alamanc

Two Line Summary For SEO

Please add a two line summary to act as your SEO summary

Author Profile

Please include a 3 line author profile to be added in the author box

Profile Photo

Please add a profile photo to be added to the author box

Your Social Media Link

Please provide your social media link to add to the author box

How To Submit

The best way to submit is to construct​ the article on Google Drive and then share it with me at the below

What We Will Do

  1. We will look over your submission and see if it is suitable. We may send you back with alteration instructions and the like.
  2. We will take care of the formatting, layout, and engagemental elements
  3. Go back and forth with Ideas suggestions till satisfied

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Retains the Rights to the Post?

We do. By submitting to us you automatically give up the rights for the article. You may not repost/republish anywhere else.

Will We Be Payed?

No, this isn't a publication site. This is a blog. The point of Guest posting is to network with all the individuals and build up a strong following across several sites. We help each other out. So I am likely to ask for a guest post back.

So Get in Touch & Get Writing